Featured Teachers: Mr. Pennypacker

Featured Teachers: Mr. Pennypacker

Claire Henderson, Staff Writer

In honor of the dramatic increase in new teachers for the 2017-2018 school year, The Pirate Speaks newspaper has chosen two new teachers to be highlighted as the featured teachers for the month of August. One of those is Jessie Pennypacker, a learning strategies teacher with roots in the Pearl community.

Pennypacker is originally from Pearl but started his teaching career in Madison, Tennessee, where he was a teaching aid for three years. There, he taught a blind student lacking motivation. Pennypacker helped to transform this student’s feelings towards school overall. Pennypacker tells that this moment was a crucial point in his journey as a teacher.

He stated that if he could have any job in the world, other than teaching, that he would chose to be a dictator. “To be a man in charge would be kind of cool. I love the bad guys of history and think they are interesting,” the history- favoring teacher said.

Pennypacker always replies with the same phrase when asked how he is doing at school. “Living the dream.” He states that although teaching wasn’t his original plan, he truly is living the dream and loves teaching. He wakes up in the morning roaring and ready to go bright and early, passion for what he does his fuel and motivation.

He is a huge Marvel and wrestling fan. When he went to Pearl High School, he was involved heavily in band playing the trombone.

The name Pennypacker is German and it means “tile-maker.” The Pennypackers were the first to use tiles in homes so that people didn’t have to live in thatched houses.

We welcome this Pearl native back to his roots at the beginning of this school year, along with many others who are just now joining the pirate family.