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Pearl High School’s Choir Competition

On March 7, 2017, Pearl High School held the 2017 State Choir Competition. Several different high schools from different states competed. The choirs sung pieces that they or their directors chose.

Before the choirs could sing, they had to warm up. There was a warm up room in the school band hall.

Then they sat in the Performing Arts Center (PAC) where they would perform until it was time for that choir to go on stage.

When the choir that is singing is dismissed, the choir that is next makes their way up to the stage. They entered on the left and exited on the right of the stage.

When the choir that was about to perform was set, they would wait to be announced by the speaker.

The speaker told the three judges what songs would be sung; after that, they performed and waited for the judges to write down everything they have to say (like opinions and scores).

After, the choirs would sit and listen to the others until it was time to be called in for sight reading.

The choirs are tested on their abilities to sight read in sections; then they are given a score. All scores and results are not seen till later that day.

Pearl Singers, Freshman Choir, Women Chorus, and Men’s Chorus all won Superior.

The choir performed the following songs: “Set Down Servant,” “Battle of Jericho,” and “The Awakening”


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It’s the Final Countdown